Margaux Interiors brings their signature color to The Barbour Cottage


Margarita Courtney established Margaux Interiors in 1998 and it has become one of the most respected home and design stores in Miami. After working in the furniture and design industry in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman and ABC Carpet and Home, Margarita’s daughter, Cristina, returned to Miami to join the family business. Through travel, research, and passion for fine arts, the mother-daughter team presents unique, interesting, and stylish furniture and accessories from around the world to clients for their home and design projects.

Margarita and Cristina will utilize their 25 years of experience to transform the Barbour Cottage’s Living Room and Bathroom. Margarita and Cristina are excited to be showcasing at The Kampong because they both grew up in Miami and continue to reside here, surrounded by the natural beauty of Miami that is preserved at The Kampong. Their inspiration for the design of the spaces is the existing beautiful architecture and color palette, and will feature Asian influences for which the garden is named.

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